Lets talk about Nigeria-series 1

Let’s take a closer look at population data in this Nigeria.

Surprising trends can pop up when we do! How much or how little do we know about the demographic spread of human beings –male and female in Nigeria? Let’s take a cursory look at the facts based on the 2006 Federal census undertaken by the National Population Commission of Nigeria. See Table below:

Figures (as released by the NPC for 2006 Population Census) Copy Link into browser


kindly attribute the National Population Commission of Nigeria if this work is used in future.

Now let’s see this table as geographic information and ask ourselves> where are the most densely populated places in our country? And why are these places densely populated? Is it because of movement of people? Are these movements inspired by economic or security reasons?


Human Population Density Gradient- Map Created by DivienDigital resources

Population gradient maps shows ‘Very High’ population density (person per sqm) in Lagos, followed by ‘high’ values in the south-eastern region minus Ebonyi and Enugu States.

All well and good, let’s play a card trick. We overlay the population map over this population density map to see whether high population figure equals high population density


Overlay of Population Map + Pop density map= to ans query if States with high pop have high pop density.

Great!! Looking closely, Kano as an example is has high population and high population density. But look at the south-east, though with high population density, they have low populations suggesting an acute shortage of land. Little wonder, as a region, they have high record of internal migration. (States highlighted by the green line have high pop density and high pop figure.)

Hope you have enjoyed our little show, just demonstrating how table data with addresses can become a good source of planning information. Feel free to comment and ask questions!!

Check out our vector download in the vector submenu under resources page for KML file on the South West region of Nigeria, its there for only a limited time!!!!


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