Welcome to the world of Spatial mapping

Spatial Data Mapping For Nigeria Initiative (SPADAMNI)

 Have u ever tried tying location data to some real important data or statistics on any socio-economic subject e.g. health, education, crime, market prices etc about our dear country Nigeria? Hmm i guessed right, it was downright frustrating!! The country just seems to be bereft of quality spatially referenced data in this information age. Even where the stuff is available, its a nightmare trying to piece it together.

Dynamic web map showing the populated cities in low income countries in the world. map by Google maps,Map created by Divine Digital Resources ddvineres@gmail.com

Spatial Information is a global asset, a national treasure, a historical responsibility


Knowing the three Ws – where, when and what, is the principal basis of human existence. A thorough link between the three gives a symmetrical view of any problem or situation, makes our reactions more informed and our effort more lasting.

How many of you can say first hand which hospitals or clinics are close by in an emergency? or which fire station is the closest? or even which police post? rocket science right?!Makes one want to ask where are the Department of Lands and Surveys or the Office of the Surveyor-general? oh oh they are resurfacing and redrawing age old pre-1965 topographic maps to look like brand new roads?What about the happenings since then? To the upper right is a map illustration of pre-1965 road network in the Ibadan municipality, Southwestern Nigeria culled 1:50,000 Sheet 261 Ibadan NE Topo map.


Here is an overlay of 2008 Open street Maps road layer for the same Ibadan municipality. The purple lines indicate the newer road network while the thicker lines illustrate the pre-1965 road network!!!!

Why Spatial right? Why not Spatial, to understand the incident or phenomenon without an understanding of the location is like looking for a black stone in the dark, yes it may just be a lucky guess or at best a limitation of viable options!!!!

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2 responses to “Welcome to the world of Spatial mapping

    • Geospatial data contains the geographic coordinates of an object such as a market. Therefore by using the coordinates or even the namee to look for it, you can know where it is located around you.


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