Lets map onscreen, its indoors!!!

For my last posting @Mapping is an activity-indoor and outdoor, I enumerated the various choices we have when performing the activity of mapping spatial objects and non-spatial objects. Principally since our focus is on spatial objects and the environment around us, it is better we break right into how satellite imagery data we acquire from the activity of mapping can become useful to us all.

Let us go deeper- our mission is to map objects using satellite imagery of a certain location on the earth surface.

The imagery will mapped with the aim of targeting objects within the location which can be identified as fenced parcels of land, uncompleted and completed buildings.  Our objective is to determine how much development in terms of building has taken place in the location between the year 2012 and 2015. Another fallout is thate we would be able to visually estimate how many parcels have been built up or just left undeveloped since 2012 and which ones were there before then. Pronto!!

We set off by logging into our google maps and viola we have a Jan 2015 google satellite imagery of the target layout. We then proceed to digitize the parcels that are fenced or contain uncompleted and completed buildings. See result

Map with 2015 Imagery

We then download our Land_Parcels layer as vector KML (Keyhole Markup Language) to a file on the computer. Next!! We proceed to log into ArcGIS online where we have the 2012 Openstreet Satellite Imagery of the same cadastral layout. We then upload the KML layer in and overlay it in ArcGIS Online
Vector Map overlaying 2012 imagery Click link to explore full map

http://arcg.is/1DThPYd on arcgis online

http://binged.it/1I2G1oW on Bing Maps

Viola!!!!  Watch out for a Tutorial on the process over the weekend. It will downloadable as a presentation from others submenu under resources page.

Hope you have enjoyed my post as I enumerate how we can also carry out mapping activity using satellite imagery. I know many of you folks will prefer that but watch out for my next post cos no way we may be able to avoid the outdoors OOOOHH!!!

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