Esri 60 day trial for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro- A window of GIS opportunity

After our post on Georeferencing in QGIS, we received a couple of feedbacks by core Esri fans. In their feedbacks, they brought up the fact that since for the mean time the popular applications of ArcGIS and MapInfo still held sway in Nigeria, I should also put up demos on ArcGIS as this would enable a level playing ground for readers to examine both applications.

So the more pertinent question? How can I lay my hands on ArcGIS software to practice the lessons without having to purchase a pirated copy? I get that question from a lot of students and graduates. Well it is simple but it comes with a price tag, yes.

Esri has made available free download of a single license edition of ArcInfo and ArcMap or now called Arcmap and ArcGIS Pro- on its international website but before you shout hurray, here comes the price tag. It is only a 60 day free trial version!! Don’t despair because for any serious minded person, believe me, two months and a dedicated use of online resources can make a big difference in your proficiency in the use of ArcGIS software. You can always proceed in the bliss of QGIS when the trial is over but with the confidence that if challenged with ArcGIS, you won’t wither.

let us remember that the problem with most of us is that we do not adhere to a dedicated software study plan. Instead we leave it to the vagaries of time. Working with a trial software demands that one should make the best possible use of it in the trial period. I have watched with sadness as students use free school wifi to download gigabytes of films and TV series instead of enriching their knowledge of IT, especially professional softwares that will enhance their skill base. So will you blame the school when computer graduates cannot write ordinary html. Javascript etc?

Back to the topic at hand. For the serious minded ones, please follow the steps to download Esri ArcGIS to your laptop or desktop. This are outlined in the link below

Note the following hardware and software requirements-


Hope you are already downloading as the next few posts will deal on working with ArcGIS.

Am expecting your feedbacks folks. Just go to the feedback page and roll them in.


5 responses to “Esri 60 day trial for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro- A window of GIS opportunity

  1. Thanks for detailed instructions in Ms. Word. But, IMHO, if you only want to share some print-screens for online use, not for printing, reducing its pictures resolution could save some bytes.

    I’ve compressed your images into 96ppi with Ms. Word and the size is reduced from 4.98Mb into 1.76 Mb.

    Thanks for sharing, BTW, and greeting from Indonesia


    • Glad to see receive your comment Adamu- pricing of GIS packages usually depend on certain variables. The use of which the software is intended will determine how robust the package will be.
      QGIS is free to download and use
      Wanting a price for ArcGIS, you will need to supply a little bit more information on what use it is intended for.


    • There is promo going on now for Esri ArcInfo single user license Home edition for NGN60,000 for one year subscription. Reach Denning Nwobosi, Delta Systematics 08033088811


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