Joining attribute data between related tables using QGIS

Our post today will show you how to join the data from a CSV spreadsheet table to that of the attributes table of a layer on a map using QGIS. To create a join of both tables, an identical field must exist between them, in other words, a relationship must exist between them.

Tables are a very important form of storage in  GIS. Attribute (that is descriptive) data on a spatial object are usually kept in tabular form.

Below is a snippet of a table containing results of a building survey done on these points in the Ibadan municipality. the table is stored in comma seperated values .csv format.


Secondly, let us look below at a registered image of Ibadan municipality where we can clearly see our points (red dots) stored as a layer. We intend to join the attribute data which are results of the survey in the table above with the attribute table of the point layer on the map.



Click on the link  Joining tables and follow the steps on how to join data from different but related tables.

Hope you are practicing already. Feel free to send us your feedback.



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