Querying the attribute tables of feature layers using ArcMap 10.2

Overview                                                           Video presentation link
Querying or filtering attribute data in a GIS is technically one of the important parts of using a GIS. Fields contain several kinds of values that are linked to a spatial object. In order to get specific information from these data fields, a selection or query is applied.

Our task in this post is to show you how to Select by Attributes using ArcMap 10.2. By this we mean how to query your attribute tables for particular information on them. We have a point layer consisting of some buildings represented as points. We want to query the attribute table to know which buildings are in a bad repair state and are blue in colour.
1. Right Click on the layer > open attribute table.


2. Observe the attribute table contains data of the results of a building state of repair survey. We want to know which point satisfies a selection criteria on this table. Criteria – The Repair_ State is bad and Building_col is blue


3. On the main menu, Click Selection>Select by Attributes.


4. The Select by Attributes dialog box will come up. In this box, we will select the field where the unique values we are querying for lies. We make a common sql statement to execute the query. In green box are the fields we are querying and the unique values are ‘bad’ and ‘blue’(see red box)


5. Right Click on the layer>open attribute table. The point(s) that have the attributes that meet the criteria of the selection will be highlighted on the attribute table.(highlighted in blue)


Video presentation link

Hope you are already getting some practice. Feel free to send your comments.


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