Uploading data in excel spreadsheet into a GPS receiver


A lot of field work data is reported in the form of tables and spreadsheets. A field staff will normally document his or her field data in excel tables and then file them in with the report. Therefore, it is usually the first source to retrieve locational data from. We will be demonstrating this process using the DNR GPS software as an intermediary to do the conversion to GPX files as well as to upload the data into the GPS receiver.


In this demonstration, we will do the following:
– Save Excel data in a format that DNR GPS will recognize- Text Tab delimited.
– Convert using DNR GPS to GPX format
– Upload to the GPS as Waypoints, routes or tracks.

1. Launch microsoft Excel. Navigate to where the file is and Open in excel.

2. Save type as Text (Tab Delimited)*txt* in the Save as dialog box. Click yes for any prompts that pop up during the process.

3. Launch DNR GPS. File > Load From>File (red boxed). Navigate to the Text file just created.

4. Open it and it will load into DNR GPS.

5. File > Save To> File. In the Save as dialog box, this time for Save Type as – select from the dropdown list- GPS Xchange file *gpx*

6. Select Waypoints, tracks or routes as is appropriate. For this demo, waypoint is selected.

7. Connect the GPS receiver, go to Waypoints> Upload. It will prompt for the name, fill the name and OK. The Upload complete message box will show.

8. Disconnect the GPS receiver and check the GPX folder in the Garmin drive for the waypoints.

How to Check the Garmin GPS receiver for GPX files

Go to the Drive on your computer- Garmin Drive E

Open the drive and Click on the Garmin Folder

In the Garmin Folder, locate the GPX folder

Open the folder and look for the uploaded file.


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