Uploading Points from a Google image to store as waypoints in a GPS receiver


Place markers in google earth can be points, lines or area features representing spatial locations . This presentation demonstrates how to place mark locations on a google satellite image, convert their format so one can store them as waypoints in a GPS receiver.


Our team has been given the task of identifying and carrying out a physical inspection of empty parcels of land within the city limits. We intend to use this process to map spatial data on the empty parcels and store the locations in our GPS receivers as waypoints. We will then use the GPS receiver to navigate to these waypoints for physical inspection.

Softwares- Google Earth, DNRGPS,
Hardware- Laptop, Garmin Dakota 10 handheld GPS receiver.

Procedure – Three step approach
Step one- Map waypoints from the google image and save as KML file

1. Launch Google Earth. Search for the vicinity of the study area. In the places window, right click>Add>Folder


2. Name the folder – empty plots. Go to the main menu and select the pushpin icon or Add placemark button (encircled red). A dialog box and a yellow pushpin will appear on the image. Use the mouse to drag the pushpin and position it on the point of interest (in this case, empty plots). Go to the dialog box and name it, notice that the X and Y position of the points are displayed (green box) in the dialog box. Click OK. As you can see, the named point will appear on the image.


3. Select two more points and right click on the empty plots folder>Save place as. Notice that all the just created placemarks are in the empty plots folder.


4. In the save file dialog box, *save type as Kml


Step two- Use DNR GPS to convert from Kml format to GPX format.
5. Launch DNR GPS and after that connect your GPS device to the laptop or PC. Go to File>Load from>file.
pix 5

6. Navigate to the folder where the saved Kml file (empty plots) is stored and click open.


7. The place markers from google image still in Kml file format are loaded into DNR GPS

pix 7

8. Go again to File>Save to>File. We are now converting the place marker (Kml file) to waypoints (GPX file format). GPS receivers store gps data as GPX format. A Save To File dialog box will open (no.9)

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.32.38(2)

9. In the Save To File dialog box, change the file format to GPS Exchange Format (red boxed) to convert our empty plots kml file to *gpx file format.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.37.43

Step three- Uploading Waypoints to a GPS receiver
10. Connect the GPS receiver by USB or Serial port. Go to GPS>Connect to Default GPS. If this doesn’t work, try the Find GPS

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.40.30

11. Once the GPS is connected, it will show up on the menu. Go to Waypoint>Upload

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.40.52

12. The dialog box will appear to fill in a name for the uploaded data. This process saves the Waypoints in the GPS receiver.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.41.18

13. A message box indicating complete upload. Disconnect the GPS receiver, power it up and check for the point1, point2 and point3.

Screenshot 2015-04-26 03.41.29(2)

Hope you liked the post, send your comments and feedback.



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