Converting line features from google earth KML and upload as routes into a GPS receiver using DNR GPS


In this post, we will deal with line features, which are features that are made up of waypoints but with different starting and ending points. GPS receiver organize data in three forms, waypoints, routes and tracks. DNR GPS recognizes only two types of GPX files- waypoints and tracks when loading KML files from google earth. A menu function in DNR GPS will take of that glitch nicely. The Edit function will convert it from Tracks to routes.


Convert a line feature digitized off a Google earth satellite image as a KML file and store it on a GPS receiver as a route.


1. Launch Google earth and create the path or line feature. Observe the red line we have created representing a street. Look in the places window on the left- omerelu.


2. Right Click on the layer > Save Place As.


3. In the Save as dialog box, save type as KML


4. Launch DNR GPS. File>Load From> File


5. Load into DNR GPS, make sure the file type is set to KML


6. The file is loaded into DNR GPS as a KML file. Note the line feature is loaded as a track (see red boxed areas).


7. Go to Edit > Convert Table To> Routes


8.  The file is converted to Routes immediately!! Note the file is still in KML format


9. Go to File>Save To >File and save file as a GPX file. It can then be uploaded into the GPS receiver.


10. To upload the route. Connect the GPS receiver. Go to Route>Upload.1. Follow the subsequent dialog boxes to name the file and watch out for the message box confirming ‘Upload Complete’.

11. Navigate to the GPX Folder of the Garmin Drive and check for the uploaded file.(If you are using a Garmin GPS receiver)

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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2 responses to “Converting line features from google earth KML and upload as routes into a GPS receiver using DNR GPS

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing these useful tips, I haven’t used DNR GPS, but it’s worth giving a try. Instead, I would also recommend trying this free online program to convert gpx to kml format or vice versa (if it’s needed). It comes with a simple and easy to use interface and there’s no need for installation.


    • thanks for that Charles. i checked it out and really nice interface. the only thing i would want to point out is that DNR GPS acts both as a converter and the uploading interface, so its like two in one.
      am sure you would love using it once u check out its (DNRGPS) features out , not advertising though.


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