Tracing polygon features from a google satellite image and uploading them to GPS receiver using DNRGPS


Our previous post dealt with a similar process but instead of polygons we were uploading routes. This post will demonstrate how polygon or area features can be digitally traced out, or to use the technical-digitized, from a Google satellite image in Google earth, saved as KML and then uploaded and stored as tracks in a GPS receiver.

– Digitally trace out a polygon feature from a google satellite image in google earth and
Save the place as a Kml file format.
– Load it into DNR GPS and convert it to GPS Xchange file format(*gpx)
– Upload it as Tracks to the GPS receiver.

1. Launch Google earth and locate your polygon of interest. Pick the ADD POLYGON tool and digitally trace out the area. Give it a name in the dialog box and check that it is in the Places window (red boxed). Right Click on the polygon (area feature) >Save place as. The Save as dialog box will open; make sure it is save type as KML.


2. Launch DNR GPS and Go to File>Load From> Google Earth> My Places


3. An Open database dialog box will come up. Go down to Google Earth My places, click on it and click ADD (red boxed)


4. Fill the dialog box and OK to access the data in google earth my places and Press OK. A loaded data complete message will appear and the data will be loaded into DNR GPS.


5. Select name as the TRIDENT which simply means Type identify. Our Type identity is area feature


6. The kml file area feature will be loaded into DNR GPS


7. Go to File>Save to> File. In the Save as dialog box, save type as GPS Xchange Format



8. In this dialog window, Check Tracks as polygons are stored as Tracks in a GPS receiver. A message box will notify that the file has been successfully saved.


9. Connect the GPS receiver, Go to Tracks>Upload


10. Window will open to prompt you to name the uploaded data, click OK. A message box confirming Upload complete will pop up.


Go to the GPX folder of the connected GPS receiver and confirm the upload. For users of Garmin, that GPX folder is kept in the Garmin Folder of the Garmin Drive in C.


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