Adding scanned paper maps to the GPS receiver using Google Earth- Garmin Dakota


This post will demonstrate how we can convert a scanned paper map into a format where we can upload it into our GPS receiver and use it as a base map. A good software for carrying out this process is Google Earth. Our GPS receiver for this demonstration is a Garmin Dakota.

Using Google Earth to Add a scanned paper map for use on the GPS receiver.


– the paper image should be scanned at a dpi > 110

– Better to use image format jpeg

1. Launch Google Earth. Pan to the selected area where the scanned map is located. In our case, its south west of Ibadan city. Go to ADD >Image Overlay. Here navigate to where the image is and click OK in the dialog box and the image will come in.


2. In our case, we picked a geographic coordinates of a known location on the map. We put the coordinates in the search box (red boxed) and then adjusted the image to the right position on the map. To adjust the image, Right click on the file (yellow boxed)>properties.


3. A green border will appear to guide the adjustment.


4. In the properties box below, adjust the transparency to the middle between opaque and Clear; Go to the Altitude Tab and adjust as below. This settings will ensure that the image will overlay the map in the GPS receiver.


5. Right Click on the File > Save Place As5

6. Save File as type Kmz!!! Save in the CustomMaps folder in the GPS receiver. Create one if it didn’t exist there.


7. Here is a screenshot in the GPS receiver map display.



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