Enjoying the break, here is a cue for what is coming up this week.

Winking smileWell done folks, hope you are all having a weekend break. Here is a cue on what to expect from Monday.


A lot of GIS data can be useful in the GPS receiver. Points, Polyline and Polygon features mapped out in the GIS environment may often times need ground truthing or confirmation on the ground using a GPS receiver. In addition, GPS data from the GIS environment may be required to carry out navigation.Consequently, mapping enthusiasts and professionals will need to convert and transfer data from GIS softwares to the GPS receiver.

This week, we start with tips that cover uploading data layers (Points, Polygon and Polylines) from mainstream GIS softwares to the GPS receiver as Waypoints, Route and Tracks.


Check out this presentation on A Refresher on GPS data types stored in a GPS receiver.


We will be using two mainstream GIS softwares –ArcMap 10.2 and QGIS to demonstrate this process . ArcMap 10.2 is part of the ArcGIS suite and is a license subscription sofware while QGIS is an open source freeware.

So stay tuned as we hope this tips will be useful to you all. Feel free to let us have your feedback.


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