Calibrating a scanned map with MAPC2MAPC software and Uploading to a GPS receiver

In two previous post, we demonstrated how to convert scanned maps to KMZ format and add onto a GPS receiver using google earth on one hand and ExpertGPS software on the other. As part of our efforts at bringing the viewers as many viable options as possible, we demonstrate how to do same with the mapc2mapc software.


Prepare a scanned paper map in Jpeg and cut a tile layer to use as a base map.

Calibrate the scanned paper map

Convert it to Garmin custom KMZ to use on a GPS receiver.


Crop out the portion of the scanned map using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.



Launch MAPC2MAPC software. Go to File > Load image for calibration > Select from North/South/East/West. see the option red boxed.


For the demo, LatitudeLongitude is selected. Datum is WGS84.


For the North west corner dialog box, fill in the geographic coordinates.


For the South east corner, fill in the corresponding geographic coordinates.


The software processes the calibration of the scanned image and saves as map.


Click on the view(red boxed) and a view of the calibrated map will open.


Next the calibrated image is converted to a KMZ file for the Garmin. If it’s a Magellan, its RMP format (red boxed). we will see that in later posts.


In the blue highlight are the instructions that confirm the KMZ file has been processed.



Connect the GPS receiever and navigate to the folder where the KMZ was saved, copy and save it in the Garmin E drive > Garmin Folder> custom map folder. The demo KMZ is




Power up the GPS receiver and check for the uploaded KMZ map on the basemap. See a screen shot of the map on map page of the GPS receiver.




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