Using the Hyperlink tool in ArcMap

This post will demonstrate how to add an hyperlink to a feature in a layer. The feature can be hyperlinked to a document, picture or webpage. For the demo, a jpeg image from the local source is used.



In ArcMap, the demo has a layer of polygons representing different parcels. The objective is to add an image hyperlink to each of the individual parcels (polygons) on the layer.



Right Click on the Layer > Open Attribute Table.



Add an empty field that would contain the hyperlink text. Fill the row with the hyperlink address to the picture, document or webpage. For the demo, see the url location in red box in the field- Pix. Save the edits on the attribute table.



Right Click on the layer > Properties.



In the Layer Properties window, click on Display and check the Support Hyperlinks using field. For the demo, Pix field is selected from the dropdown list. Click Apply and OK.



Click on the Hyperlink tool and features with hyperlinks will automatically be highlighted or selected on the map.



Move the Hyperlink tool to the highlighted feature and click to open the hyperlink.



Or Click on the Identifier tool. Select the feature and go to the hyperlink Field. Click on the Url to open the hyperlink.



For the demo. the jpeg image will open.


Thank you for your audience.


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