Downloading OpenStreetMap Layers to ArcMap 10.2

There are many sources of geodata online that an Arcmap user can incorporate into his or her GIS projects. OpenStreetMap is a very important and widely used online mapping resource application for up to date geodata on various locations around the globe. The demonstration will show how to download OpenStreetMap layers for a target area using ArcMap 10.2.

Things to note.

– Download and Install ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap from the Esri website.

– Make sure the User is connected to ArcGIS Online resources to download resources from OpenStreetMap.



Add the Base map. Click on the button beside the Add Data icon and click Add Base map



For the demo World Topo map is selected for download. Zoom in to the area of interest or target area. For the demo, its Uke Street, Abuja Nigeria.Make sure you zoom in well into the vicinity of the area.



Create a File Geodatabase with a feature dataset before downloading the OSM data. Open ArcCatalog > ArcToolBox icon > Openstreetmaps Tool box > Download OSM Data. In the Download OSM Data window, select Same as Display for extent of download and the extent coordinates will automatically be set. The Target Feature dataset is the feature dataset that was created for the project. Click OK

Capture-12      Capture-16


After the processing, three feature layers are downloaded-Point, Line and Polygon. In the Table of Contents window to the left, observe the three- Uke.osm pt, uke.osm_ln and uke.osm_py.



Switching off other layers and leaving on uke.osm_ln, the line feature which is the street.



Switching off the base map and removing the uke.osm_pt, the line and polygon features are left on the map display.



Now the user has geodata to work with on his or her project or even to deploy on the field for mapping.


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