Publishing FEATURE layers in arcmap as a feature service in ArcGIS online


This short demonstration shows how to share a map or feature layer with ArcGIS online as a feature service.Our map –Selection by Location Demonstration was put together in ArcMap 10.2. The demo will illustrate how to share the map feature layers- Streets, Parcels, Low, Medium and High Tariff Blocks layers to ArcGIS Online as a  Feature layer/service.

ArcMAp must be connected to ArcGIS Online resources. USER MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET

Note- This process can only be done by an organizational account holder. See our post titled- Lets look at ArcGIS Online… for more details about ESRI ArcGIS Online accounts.


In ArcMap 10.2. Add the feature layers that make up the map. The demo has five layers. Go to File > Sign in. Sign into ArcGIS Online.


Go to File> Share As > Service.


This dialog box will pop up. Pick Publish a service.


Choose the connection that indicates the username for the organizational account. The default is to choose the name of the map in arcmap but the User can change it.


In the next dialog box, Click on the capablities –Choose – Feature access (red box)–instead of tile mapping. Item description (green box) describe the feature service, tag it and give a summary.


Click on sharing and select everyone in organization and public.


Click Publish (red box). During the publishing process, the system might identify errors and pause the process so the User can be correct them. Correct as many as possible and continue to publish.


The contents are transferred online, server side processing and a message box indicating that the service was published.


Sign into ArcGIS Online and Go to MY CONTENT (red box) to check the feature layer.


In the default folder, the feature layer and service definition layer should be present, For the demo, the feature layer is green boxed.



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