Using the HTML Pop-up feature in ArcMap 10.2 Desktop

There are times when the GI user would want to link features on the map to certain information domiciled on webpages e.g the wikipedia page of a certain city on a map or even personal data hosted on a website. ArcMap 10.2 HTML Pop-up feature can be deployed to do this. We will demonstrate how to do this in this post.

Download Sample data here

(Kindly attribute this data to

For the demo, the dataset is a map of Africa showing the locations of international airports on the continent. These airport locations are shown as Point features in the Point feature layer (see Table of Contents).


Right Click on the Point feature layer >Open Attribute Table. On the table, an attribute field named wikipedia contains all the URLs of webpages on each airport.


We click on the icon in red box > Add field.


In the Add Field window, name the new field (for the demo-HTML) and define the properties. Click Ok.


Use the Field Calculator to move contents of the wikipedia attribute field to the new field-HTML.


Right Click on the Point feature Layer > Properties


In the Layer Properties window, Click on the HTML Pop-up tab to open up the options there. Select As a URL option; Go to the Field dropdown list and select the new field. just created-HTML.


Click on the HTML Popup icon.


Use the HTML Pop-up tool and click on a Point feature on the map. As seen on the screenshot, the wikipedia search results page shows info on the airport.


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