Using the CartoDb Map layer wizard to generate Intensity and Heat maps

The Map layer wizard in CartoDB is a very useful tool for creating different types of feature maps. In this post, we will try to simplify the process of using point data to create heat and Intensity map using CartoDB.


– Our Map view shows dataset comprising Point features that represent schools.



Click on the Map Layer wizard icon (red boxed) and Choose HEATMAP. Select the opacity, resolution and other parameters.


The results of the demo version at zoom level 10 show the highest intensity of the points to be in the Central area of the map.



The results of the Demo at a higher zoom level of 11 also shows a higher concentration of schools in the central area of the map.



Next, the demo will use the intensity tool to compare to the result of the heat map.

Scroll down the Map layer wizard and Click on the INTENSITY.



The results of the intensity map at zoom level 10 show more concentration of points in the central part of the map.



In these short simple steps, CartoDB Map layer wizard has generated heat and intensity maps for a Point map.


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