Adding statistical charts in a web map Pop-up display using ArcGIS Online

Putting charts in the pop window of features on a web map help to convey more information on the theme of the map. ArcGIS Online is the web mapping platform for Esri and this post will demonstrate how to add charts as a media in the Pop-up display.

Things to note

-ArcGIS Online is a web mapping application which implies it can be accessed only via the internet.

– ArcGIS Online accounts are available at Registered ESRI Global account holders have automatic access to ArcGIS Online Basic Accounts.

Download sample data here- %Concentration

(Kindly attribute this sample data to

We sign into our ArcGIS Online account and Click MAP on the HOMEPAGE.

On the screenshot below is the layer to be used for the demonstration- a Point feature layer containing attribute data on the different %concentrations of elements at each point.

Click on the red boxed …. point and select Configure Pop-up from the drop down menu list.


In the Configure Pop-up window, we edit the default Pop-up title and add a suitable one.


Scroll down and click on Configure Attributes (red boxed). A Configure Attributes window will pop up. Check or Uncheck the boxes to select which fields will have the  values reflected in the Pop-up display.


Scroll down in the Configure Pop-up window and go to Pop-Up Media. Click on ADD and select the Chart of your choice. For this demo, Bar Chart is selected.

Click SAVE POP-UP to save all the edits made.


A Configure Pie Chart window will open. Check the boxes of the fields whose values will form the Pie Chart. Click OK


Click on a Point feature on the map and the Pop-up display will contain the chart.

See screenshot below showing the result of the demonstration.



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