Styling TileMill Projects with Mapbox Editor

So we have just created a cool point map using TileMill showing varying PH values in various abandoned landfills. The project map needs a base map or style. This post will demonstrate how we styled our TileMill project using Mapbox Editor.


First we save our TileMill project as MBTiles.



In Mapbox, we upload the MBTiles file and in Data page- select Create project (red boxed).



The MBTile file opened as a new project in Mapbox Editor. Note that the background for the map is transparent.



To Add a style, Click on Style (cursor finger) to display different styles.



For the demo, Run,Bike and Hike style was selected (cursor finger position).



The Style is added to give the project a cool basemap. Proceed to then fill in the project details and save as a Mapbox Project.



Thank you for following the blog. Feel free to send your comments and feedback.


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