Rendering GeoTIFF images with Map Tiler and hosting tile layers with Google Drive

Map Tiler is a great software for converting GeoTiff images to tile layers and rendering them as Folders or MBTiles. Map Tiler will render the image to a format where it can be hosted by a server and used online.

Things to note

– Rendering the GeoTiff images into map tiles format allows GIS users to host their own custom map layers online.

– Allows the User to store georeferenced image files in cloud storage for use in mobile devices and platforms.

– Download MapTiler Free version from the web.


The demonstration will illustrate how to use Map Tiler software Free version to render GeoTIFF images (scanned paper map in a TIF format that is georeferenced) into Map tiles and use google drive to host the map tiles online.


Launch MapTiler and click on Standard Tiles.


In the next page, click on Open a file. Navigate to the folder where the GeoTIFF image is and load it in, then click Continue. For the demo, the file is named Quarter Degree.TIF


The File is loaded in. Observe on the right hand side in the red box are the Coordinate System and Geographical boundaries of the file. Note that the file is in GeoTIFF format indicating that the image has already been calibrated (georeferenced). The default parameters in the red box area can be edited by the User. Click Continue.


For the Demo, Folder was selected because it is the best format for Web Apps and Standard hosting which is what we are doing. Click Render.


The App will prompt you to Select a Destination Folder. This folder must be empty. Then the Rendering process will go ahead. A Render completed sign will show up and user can click the icon below to view the map.


Open Google account and go to Google Drive.


Click on My Drive > Upload Folder to import the folder created.


The Folder –Quarter Degree is uploaded into Google Drive. Note that it is Folder not File you must upload.


Right Click on the uploaded Folder > Share to make it accessible to the public.


Make the Folder Public. Set it to Can edit


Double Click on the Folder to open it. Copy the last part of the URL. Clip after folders\


Open a new page and enter into the address tab-\Host\ insert the part of the URL copied earlier.


The rendered tile map is positioned as a layer on the underlying google maps.


You can then share the link to this url to others or embed it in a web page.

Thank you for following the post. Let us have your feedback and comments.


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