Converting to geojson file format (plain text) using Ogre web client

The ogre web client is an online resource that assists in converting different file formats to geojson file format. In the case of ogre, the output is a plain text file that can simply be copied and pasted right into the javascript section of the HTML web page.

We will show a simple demonstration below where a shapefile is converted

to geojson format and loaded in as a layer in a leaflet powered map.


Click  to open the ogre web client




Click on Browse and load in the shapefile. Before loading the shape file,

create a Zip file containing the .shp, .shx, .dbf and .prj file. Ogre web client accepts the

shapefile in Zipped file format. Once the file is loaded, click on CONVERT TO GEOJSON tab.




The output is in plain text format as shown in the screenshot below. Copy the contents of the window.




Copy and paste the contents to the script  as in the source code below

The copied plain text is illustrated as red text.





See live map by clicking this link:

Download plain text version of the source code by clicking the link below:


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