Drawing GeoJson Point features onto web maps Mapbox Javascript

Our earlier post demonstrated how to make simple web maps in our web pages using Mapbox js.

GeoJson is simple and straightforward format for loading vector objects to web maps. These vector objects can then be added as objects in the javascript code of a HTML web page. GeoJson has become one of the most popular formats used by web mappers today.


We load the geojson features inside the script section of the code.

Note the var geojson is placed above the L.mapbox.map so that the markers will render above

the base map. In addition,  .featurelayer.setGeoJson(geojson); will draw the markers to the map.



Below is a screenshot of the result of the added script. The geojson point features are displayed as markers overlaying the base map.



Check out the live map by clicking:


Download the plain text version of the source code –



We hope you enjoyed the demonstration.

Thank you for following the blog.


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