Adding Spreadsheet files(Excel files) as layers in QGIS 2.8.1

This should come across as a major relief to GI Analysts. A QGIS Plugin – Spreadsheet Layers- now allows data in spreadsheet files

like Excel .xlsx to be added on as layers in QGIS Desktop.


Simply install the plugin and follow this simple demonstration.

Download sample excel file by clicking this link:


To install the plugin, Launch QGIS and click on Plugins on the main menu bar of QGIS Desktop

and choose option ‘Manage and Install Plugins’.



This dialog box will open up. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

Screenshot below indicates the plugin to install.



Click on the ‘Add spreadsheet layer’ icon button as shown on the screenshot below



This dialog window will open.

1 – Click on browse and navigate to where the spreedsheet file is stored

2- Select the fields whose values comprise the X and Y coordinates

3- Select a Coordinate Reference System for the data

4- Click OK



Thank you for following the blog.


The file is added as a layer in QGIS as seen on the screenshot below



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