Adding a WMS layer from GeoServer 2.8.2 to ArcMap 10.2

This post will demonstrate how to add Web Mapping Server (WMS) layers to ArcMap 10.2.

1. First let us get the URL address of the WMS layer we intend to add. For this demo, we will be using layers from our GeoServer.

Login to GeoServer, select a layer to preview and use OpenLayers option.



2. Copy the URL address of the layer.



3. Launch ArcMap 10.2 and click on the ‘Catalog’ tab

(cursor pointer position on the far right part of the screen).

The Catalog tree will open up. Go down to ‘GIS Servers’ section and a

list of server options will appear.



4. Double Click on the ‘Add WMS Server’ (cursor pointer position on the screenshot below).



5. The ‘Add WMS Server’ dialog box pops up. Fill in the copied URL address of your 

WMS Layer  and click on ‘Get Layers’. This should connect to the layers at the

Server location (see screenshot B). Put authentication details. Click OK






6. Go back to the Catalog Tree and the GeoServer Web Map Service is now connected to it. Right Click on a WMS Layer and select ‘Create Layer’.

c6      c7


7. A ‘Save Layer As’ dialog box will open. Save the .lyr file to the local directory.



8. Now we will load the layer saved in the local directory back to ArcMap 10.2.

Click on the ‘Add Data’ button on the main menu tab.



9. Navigate to where the .lyr file was saved and add to the map canvas.



10. The screenshot below displays the WMS layer now a layer in ArcMap 10.2



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