Creating web maps using the QGIS CartoDB plugin

This post will demonstrate how to use the QGIS CartoDB plugin to create web maps.

The web maps will be published on the CartoDB Map server.


1. We start by loading two shapefiles from file onto the map canvas. Screenshot

below shows a map canvas with two layers- liers and districtLagos.



2. Firstly we upload our layers into our CartoDB account on the web. Click on

the ‘Upload layers to CartoDB’ icon button on the main menu tab (See screenshot below)



3. The Upload layers to CartoDB window will open and the layers on the map

canvas will automatically appear under Project Layers automatically.

For the demo, we select the two by clicking and highlighting the layers.

Click ‘Upload’ button to upload the layers.

Note that we checked the ‘Add CartoDB layer to project’ box below to  add

the layers back to the mapcanvas from CartoDB,



4. Wait until you see the ‘Complete’ notification, then click ‘Cancel’ to remove the

dialog box.



5. Do two things here. Remove the earlier layers and Click on the

‘Create New Map’ icon button.



6. A new window – ‘Create New Map’ will open. Fill in the details requested.

Click Create to produce a new map.




8. Once map is created the info will be displayed. User has the option

of Copy Link or Open. We choose ‘Open’.



9.  The screenshot shows the web map published at CartoDB.




See live example of web map below:


Thank you for following the blog.


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