Adding GIS Data from PostGIS databases to Arcmap 10.2

This post will demonstrate with a few simple steps how to add GIS data hosted with non-Esri databases to ArcMap 10.2.

We will be connecting to PostGIS databases(local host) and adding data from these sources as layers in ArcMap 10.2.

Launch ArcMap Desktop ( the demo is using 10.2 version)

1 – Click on the ArcCatalog icon button to open the ArcCatalog Tree

2- Scroll down to the folder marked –Database Connections. Click on the subfolder –

Add Database Connections.

*Ignore the  Connection to localhost.sde, we will be creating a fresh connection for this demo




A ‘Database Connection’ dialog window will open. Fill in the credentials for the Database.

If you are using PostgreSQL 9.5 , your instance should be localhost. Once the credentials are filled,

click Add



Once successfully connected to the database, click on the connection and the content of the

database will be displayed as attribute tables and their geography.

We select the oyo layer from our public schema in the claypoints PostGIS database.



Next, we want to export the selected data to a shapefile that will used in ArcMap 10.2.

Right Click on the ‘claypoints.public.oyo’ – Select ‘Export’ (A) and (B) ‘To Shapefile(single)



A Feature to Feature Class window opens. Fill in the details and Click OK.



Once successfully created, the feature class – polygon1- is added to the Table of Contents.



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