connecting qgis cloud database from arcmap 10x

A QGIS Cloud database can boast of PostGIS/PostgreSQL capabilities. In this post, we will demonstrate how to add a QGIS Cloud database connection to Arcmap environment and extract postgis data from the database.

User must have a QGIS Cloud account to be able to follow this demonstration. Download sample data used in this demo here:

1. Launch Arcmap and go to the Catalogs tab at the right hand side of the map canvas. Click on the tab to open the Catalogs panel, Scroll down and click on ‘Database Connections’. On this tree, double click on ‘Add Database Connection’.


2. A dialog window opens. Fill in your QGIS Cloud database credentials. Click OK


3. A ‘Connection to’ option appears under the ‘Add Database Connections’. Double Click on the new connection to connect. Make sure Arcmap is connected to the internet as this is a cloud based service.


4. Once a connection is established, click on the button by the side to reveal the tables in your QGIS Cloud PostGIS database. We wil select a table –Abia (See highlighted in blue on the screenshot below).


5. Right Click on the table – Export – Geodatabase (Single). We select geodatabase so the table will be translated to a feature class.


6.  A processing window pops up. Select the geodatabase to save the feature class in (A ), then give the feature class a name (B ). In addition we want to select only polygon features on the table where the value in the column named ‘distcode’ is equal to 1. One of the key functionalities of PostGIS enabled databases is the ability to query them.


7. Our feature class is added to the Layers window after the processing is done.


8. let us ascertain that only features that meet the criteria of the expression “distcode” = 1 were exported into the feature class. Right Click on the layer and choose Open Attribute Table on the dropdown menu.


9. The attribute column-distcode is red boxed on the screenshot and has only values that are equal to 1.


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