creating category maps using layers from google fusion tables and google maps api

This post will demonstrate how we can use style functions of google map api to create a category map for point features stored as Tables in Google Fusion Tables.

1. Let us take a look at our table-schools- in Google Fusion Tables: You will notice that the table has a geometry field (red boxed) and the attribute fields of these points have values that define their type, category and the settlements where they are located. We will be writing a series of code lines that would draw a map where the features are categorized according to the type of schools they represent on the map.


2. Go to the address URl and copy the portion as shown on the screenshot below.


3. Now let us write the code using the fusion table data. Explanations are in red.

styling point feature layer from google fusion tables - Notepad

You can download the plain text file version from here:

4. The resultant map is shown in the screenshot below:


Click on the link to view a live map at my github page:

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