ten things I love about qgis



Sure I love all Desktop GIS softwares but having used six versions of QGIS over a period of four years, I must confess that from a shaky crashing start, QGIS has come a long way. ( I train on GIS so i have the good fortune of tasting as many softwares as possible).

So i decided to post the ten things i love best about QGIS.

Quantum GIS popularly known as QGIS is a free, open source Desktop GIS software application;

Disclaimer-This article is in no way advertising the QGIS software. This is strictly for information and education purposes.

1. Free to download and use!! No crack versions! What you see is what you get

Yes, QGIS is free and cost us nothing to download and use. No setup nor license fees. Just download and use. As a tutor in the third world, such resources are invaluable.

2. Open Source for all to tweak and develop

QGIS is open source for all and developers can create add-ons and customize it in several ways.

3. QGIS and QGIS Cloud plugin

QGIS comes with the awesome QGIS Cloud plugin that gives you access to cloud GIS capabilities at little or no cost.Store, share and retrieve your GIS data and maps from the Cloud!


4. QGIS and QGIS2Web plugin

QGIS has the QGIS2Web plugin that lets you output your vector data on leaflet and openlayer3 powered maps without any coding skills, Generate web maps at a few clicks wow!


5. QGIS GDAL data conversions are marvelous

QGIS with its GDAL libraries allows you to convert and save GIS data in various OGC compatible formats within a dialog window. Convert CSV to Shapefiles, Shapefiles to webmap format-Geojson and so on.

6. QGIS and the DB Manager

Database Manager in QGIS gives you ODBC, SQL, PostGIS and Spatial Lite databases connections from your local host and remote servers. Upload, download and combine your tables and data stored in these databases on one map canvas!


7. QGIS easy ‘On the Fly’ coordinate transformation

Transforms your data from one Coordinate Reference System to another without coding and complex algorithms.

8.  Seamless integration of the browser and layer panel allows for one click .display of layers on the map canvas

You are never ‘lost in the directory’ in QGIS. The seamless layout of the browser and layer panel allow for easy retrieval of files from the local directory. Just doubleclick on your prefered file and it appears on the layer panel straight away!

9.  QGIS OpenLayers plugin gives us a variety of web base map providers  to choose from – bing, OSM, google etc We are never stuck on a single provider.


10.  QGIS is always updated with new and powerful plugins

QGIS plugin directory is always updated by developers and contributors around the world. The plugin directory contains several feature rich algorthms to tackle different geoprocessing tasks covering many disciplines that apply GIS to their work.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to check out our website page –https://mapsnigeriainititiative.com.





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